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Another suggestion from Eric Petitdemange:

- For quiz creation purpose:
1- Creating a quiz having already the questions existing (in database): you can choose the number of questions by category you want to use, but they are taken form the database, using 2 criteria: the topic on which belongs the qestion and the category. In this case, you are sure that for one given session, all trainees have the same exam, but from one session to another, this is not the case (the quiz is generated for each session depending on your scenario).

2- For multiple language translation purpose, having a tag or an ID that shows the same question (and sort it) in all languages. This is to avoid missing the translation of some or having differences when you change one question in one language, you need to change it to all languages.
Imagine 2000 questions i the database, spread into 2 labguages (english and french), it's just a nightmare to check whether I do have all questions in both language or not, and to see which I still have to create or modify.

3- For quiz correction. Being able to modify the score in case of software crash. This is important to ensure that we give a good score to the trainees.



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