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Nice to have: authomatic spread of punctuation

Added by Noa Orizales Iglesias almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Hello all,

After our community day last march, I got this suggestion from Eric Petitdemange.

His suggestion sound like this: "For quizes, Multiple Answers Questions, having the choice or to type a global score in this case the platform spreads the total into the number of good answers, or being able to choose the score of each answer. For the moment, the first (global score) is the one used by D....$, the second (you type the score for each answer) is the one of Chamilo. Both are interresting. To explain a little bit for the global scoring, I take a small example. I type global score of 20, I create 4 answers (2 good and 2 bad). In this case, the platform gives 10 to each good answer (20/2), and -10 for each bad answer. The other is the actual way of working, so no needs to explain."

Can you discuss if this is interesting or not for next releases? In my view, giving the pedagogical approach, I will focus on keeping it simple for the teacher. We m ust remember that our users/customers choose us because of simplicity. If we start to add a hundred options to the software, it wil be hard for teh teacher to manage it. I see this feature as something included in the "Advaced properties" of the exam configuration or something like that.



Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 8 years ago

I think we were already discussing that somewhere else (was it on the forum), and I discussed it with Eric personally as well.

I think it is too short to include it in 1.9, because we need to reach some kind of consensus, but what I suggested to Eric (and I think he agreed) was that we could have it optional:
  • a little "global score" box appears on top of the scores column (empty at first)
  • if the teacher wants to do as usual, then nothing special happens (just the usual scoring of each question separately)
  • if, however, he fills the "global score", then all unchecked answers get a score of 0 automatically (in javascript, so no interaction with the database). If some answers are checked, then all "checked" (=correct) answers get a division of the total score and all "unchecked" answers get a negative score that compensates the global score

For example:

  • no answers checked: total score set to 20 => 0 for all answers
  • one answer (on 4) is checked => this checked answer gets 20, all others get -6.6 (you can see here we're going to have a few problems with integer divisions)
  • two answers (on 4) are checked => the two checked answers are scode "10" each. Unchecked answers are scored "-10" each
  • I add one answer (unchecked by default) => the three unchecked answers get -6.6, etc

It should still be adapted. I think a Global max score and a global min score are required :-)


Updated by Julio Montoya almost 8 years ago

One more setting is needed here, what happen if a teacher doesn't want negative points?


Updated by Eric Petitdemange almost 8 years ago

Hi Guys,

It's nearly developped for Chamilo :)
It's a new template so nothing is changed in the existing.
I added a G (for Global) on the icon for multiple answers quiz (second icon from the left).

Here is how it works:
- you ask the questions
- you state the answers and tick the boxes for correct answers
- At the end (just above buttons to add/remove questions..) you have a field to enter the global score
- Besides the global score, you have a Radio button to decide if you want or not negative points. By default, the button is not selected, so bad answers are negatives (sorry but I do this for a real exam need :))

How does it work?
it's dependant on the GOOD answers, it divides the global score to the number of good answers and spread the "new score" by answers.
If you let by default, all the bad answers are -score/good
If you select the radio button, bad answers are set to 0.
No needs for rounded the points as it's a pure division no problem (e.g.: global score = 20, 3 good answers, the score per each is 6.667, which is acceptable :)).
Trainers are trainers, so they should "Balance" the answers (otherwise they use the "Manual weight" as it is nowadays).
This is why I created a new quiz icon to keep the ability to have all the possibilities...

I guess there is no need for an example, but anyway you should get the dev soon :)



Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 8 years ago

  • Target version set to 1.9.2

Updated by Eric Petitdemange almost 8 years ago

Just for checking, you may have receive the development for It's fully wrking here, so there is no reason it wouldn't work.
We only had time to do French and English....

I don't know from our development how easily you can integrate it on the 1.9 version.

I guess with the actual dev. you didn't have time to give a try on it ;)

Courage guys!



Updated by Eric Petitdemange over 7 years ago

please see feature 5012 where you can find a zip for (which works 100%) and a zip for 1.9, but the student answers are not saved.


Updated by Eric Petitdemange over 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Feature implemented

Feature implemented and working fine :)

Thanks team !!!!

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