Bug #4642

Self register to the course logic error when (self)enrollmet isn't allowed

Added by Marko Kastelic over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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i'm a user, registered to the platform and want to enroll to the course. The Course is accessible to the registered user, but self-enrollment isn't allowed. 'Course list' shows 3 buttons for the chosen course, last one for the enrollment. Clicking on the buttons causes error message :
There happened an unknown error. Please contact the platform admin.
Button should be disabled /or message change to : Enrollment isn't allowed. Please contact (the teacher of the course)/


one.PNG (58.1 KB) one.PNG Marko Kastelic, 24/04/2012 18:25
two.PNG (13.9 KB) two.PNG Marko Kastelic, 24/04/2012 18:25
three.PNG (40.4 KB) three.PNG Marko Kastelic, 24/04/2012 18:25

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Revision 1f38a581 (diff)
Added by Julio Montoya over 9 years ago

Fixing subscribe button see #4642

Revision 18dc8520 (diff)
Added by Hubert Borderiou over 9 years ago

Course catalog review. (ref #4642 and more)



Updated by Julio Montoya over 9 years ago

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I can reproduce the error the button "subscribe" should not be there if the course doesn't allow student subscriptions ...


Updated by Julio Montoya over 9 years ago

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should be fixed now


Updated by Marko Kastelic over 9 years ago

just few things:
1) if you want to register to the course from random pick, you will be register to selected one but end up with empty course list (look at first and second picture)

there should be results from new random pick list but it is not. ( And leave unchange action if there is no more random picks possible, message should change to something like: no more random picks possible)
2) i'd like to suggest to move Already registered label near to course title

3) GoToCourse label does not exists, but there is no-camelcase variant GotoCourse (trad4all)


Updated by Yannick Warnier over 9 years ago

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Hi Marko,

For 1, you're right, but I think this should be part of another (smaller) task for 1.9 RC1 or even 1.9 stable (it is not critical, but would be nice to get it fixed).

For 2, the problem is we sometimes have very long course titles, so having the "Registered" tag next to it is not really a good idea

For 3, apparently this has been fixed in the language translation system, so the value that was in "GotoCourse" before is now in a variable called "GoToCourse". Thanks a million for that one! (not easy to spot)

I'm closing this task and creating a new one with point 1: #4862

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