Bug #4639

Formules Latex non transcrite dans l'export PDF d'un cours

Added by Yahn LE PRETTRE almost 9 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Installation chez un hébergeur de la version Serveur Linux, apache.PHP 5.3.3-7, SQL 5.1.61.

Le cours contient des formules créées avec ASCIIMaths. Elles apparaissent bien sur le cours en ligne.

Si un apprenant ou un enseignant souhaite exporter le cours en PDF via l'icône prévue à cet effet dans "Parcours", les formules disparaissent laissant place au contenu ascii.


dans_cours.png (208 KB) dans_cours.png Yahn LE PRETTRE, 21/04/2012 09:07
dans_PDF.png (176 KB) dans_PDF.png Yahn LE PRETTRE, 21/04/2012 09:07



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I will check this one


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More than a bug this is a feature, This will take a lot of time in order to figure out how to export mathml to images so then it can be parsed in the PDF export,
I suggest to move this to another version. I don't know if there are other alternatives I think Laurent talked about "math ajax".

Maybe the process to convert those formulas to images already exists?


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I wouldn't say it's a "feature", but yes, let's move this to a little later. This is a typical case of very specific request for a very (as far as I know) reduced number of users, so it tends to take lower priority.


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