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Translation: Mark learners should be Grade learners

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The English term "Mark learners" (in exercises) should really be called "Grade learners", as it is much clearer.



Updated by Yannick Warnier about 7 years ago

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The only "Mark learners" I found are in the file: Are you sure of this change?

$AddResult = "Mark learners";
$EditResult = "Mark learners";

Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 7 years ago

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Getting help from Steve here.

Steve, we have a series of references to "Mark" someone in the hope of meaning "give him points/score for what he did". Can you help us find a better term? Is "Grade" OK as a verb?

../lang/english/$GradebookScoreDisplayColoring = "Marks thresholds colouring";
../lang/english/$Qualify = "Mark activity";
../lang/english/$QualifyThread = "Mark thread";
../lang/english/$QualifyThisThread = "Mark this thread";
../lang/english/$QualificationCanNotBeGreaterThanMaxScore = "Mark cannot exceed max score";
../lang/english/$QualifyThreadGradebook = "Mark this thread";
../lang/english/$AddResult = "Mark learners";
../lang/english/$EditResult = "Mark learners";
../lang/english/$MarkIsUpdated = "The mark has been updated";
../lang/english/$MarkInserted = "Mark inserted";
../lang/english/$PleaseGiveAMark = "Please give a mark";
../lang/english/$EditCommentsAndMarks = "Edit individual feedback and score the open question";
../lang/english/$AssignMarks = "Assign a mark";
../lang/english/$NotMarkActivity = "This activity cannot be qualified";

Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 7 years ago

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Updated by Steve Miller almost 7 years ago

I suggest that the score assigned to a person is better termed "grade".

The term mark is common usage in UK English but generally takes the piece of work as the object. ie you would say "The teacher marked his exercise" or "She handed in her assignment for marking".

When talking about people, you could say "I have to grade my students" but you would not say "I have to mark my students" (you would have to say "I have to mark my students' work".)

"Grade" is really an American term, but is becoming quite common in English usage today, and will be well understood in the UK. In US English (I think) the term grade would be common usage, both for marking work and for grading learners. I'm not sure if mark is used in US English much at all. So "grading" is the safer general term.


Updated by Steve Miller almost 7 years ago

Looking at your question again, and just to be absolutely clear, in both UK and US English grade is always ok both as a noun and a verb.

Mark is also ok as a noun and a verb, but is used of work rather than of people. (So the term is ok for most of the above listings, but not in the case of "mark learners")

Grade can be used of people and work both in the US and in the UK.


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Changes applied to language vars (there are still a few "scores" around but I think they're appropriate)

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