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Extra field in group_group_rel_user table...

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A few days a go I tried to send this to the devlist but apparently there is a problem.

a get en error message: Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed:

So I post my question this way.

Currently I'm rewriting the campus plugin ( for 2.0. It is my intention to let it fit in Chamilo 2.0 as an application without having to change anything to the Chamilo 2.0 core structure.

For this a very small item is missing in the database structure.

I have already mentioned this before, but it would be very nice if a field display_order would be added in the table group_group_rel_user.
It is not necessary for me make, to have this field available in the standard Chamilo interface. The 'order' field also existed in 1.8.x but there also was no interface for it in the later versions...
It will be available through the plugin.

The goal of this field is to be able to sort the users on a non standard way within a group.

In a lot of administrative programs the order is not necessary the alphabetic way, certainly when there are changes during the year, the order within the group is not necessary re-ordered when a student is added too the group.
Students added in a later phase mostly are added add the end of the list .
To keep the grouplist of chamilo synchronous (the same order) with other programs (datebases) it is necessary to have such a display_order.

Making a separate table in the plugin is not an option because then this would have to be an exact duplicate of the group_group_rel_user at all
times with only the 'display_order' field added.

So my question, is it possible to add this field in one of the next releases. An other solution is I write a install script adding this field
to this table when installing the plugin but I don't think this is a good solution.




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