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New style needs to be watched

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The new style efforts should be kept in sight. We do not want to change the interface too much, because this implies additional training for teachers or people getting lost.

The lateral "user block" should be watched so that it combines with the style of the rest of the platform. "grey" (the new elements) only goes well with "blue" (the classic chamilo elements) if it is in a different area of the page.

For the users block, if putting squared elements, the tabs should become squared as well. The two styles (rounded borders and square borders) cannot co-exist. I would prefer the new element to be rounded, because there are still a lot of other rounded elements in the interface (error messages, buttons, etc)

Also, the languages bar is larger now, so the entire block should be a few pixels larger or the select bar should be smaller


bug-install2.png (6.94 KB) bug-install2.png Yannick Warnier, 11/11/2011 22:26



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Updated by Julio Montoya over 8 years ago

ok I will undo those changes if you want to


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Updated by Eric Petitdemange over 7 years ago

It's surely easy to always ask for new features or for bug fixes...
This time, I'd like to thank you all developpers, as you made a very nice improvement in the style.

The installation and generic look of the platform is getting far better, and it's important to say it!!!

I'm looking forward to having a stable version of 1.9 so I can put it under production here.
I'm already advertizing for it :)

I'm not the best person able to say that, but I think this could be a closed case?

See you later!


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Hello Eric, thanks for the cheers.

Closing this task, for especific bugs in the style please open a new task

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