Bug #3837

Backup and Import of course data into clean system will clutter course.

Added by Jan Derriks over 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Why would you want to import all shared user-files into a new system? That is what the current full backup+import of a course will do and it is hard to de-select all (hundreds?) shared folders.
There should be an easy way to do a backup+import without the userfiles.

Another thing that fails is an import of a backup with images. Those images will have URL-links to the old system and will pop up a "not allowed" from the old system.

The easy fix for this is to say: DON'T USE BACKUPS TO FILL A NEW SYSTEM. It will mess up your course.
Unfortunately, the ONLY reason we use the backups is when we start a new, clean install of Chamilo.

btw: what are these shared-user folders anyway?

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Added by Julio Montoya over 7 years ago

Removing shared_folder and chat_files from backups see #3837



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Add a special case for chat_files and shared_folders so that they are not copied during backup.


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filter added


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Verified by Yannick
Would be nice to add a reference to this task inside the comment for the exclusion of these two directories, but not mandatory.

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