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split from Bug #3390: a course manager can edit a wiki page in a course wiki, but the changes are stored under the name of the owner of the page. So it isn't possible to see who made the changes.



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this cannot be easily fixed without database changes:
the "user" in the history table is actually the owner.

two options:
1) when someone edits a wiki-page they become the owner of the co. this means the co will no longer be in the repository of the original creator, but will be in the editor's repository from now on. I don't think this is a very good solution, but it could be implemented on the stable so the bug would be "fixed" immediately (and it's not that big of a change, since the pages from a wiki might be scattered over many different repositories anyway, since they will always be in the creator's repository and the creator of a page is not necessarily the creator of the wiki)
2) create an extra property for a wiki page: updater_id so you can leave the owner_id field alone. this requires a database-change so cannot be applied on the stable branche.

third short-term solution: I think it would be best to eventually implement option two on the dev and remove the user-field from the "history"-table on the stable (since it is useless for now)


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