Feature #3622

Import of multiple agenda items

Added by Bas Wijnen about 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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Bas Wijnen
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When importing an ical file with the agenda tool, only the first appointment is imported, the rest of the file is ignored. This is a patch which allows importing multiple entries at once. Perhaps a csv importer would be better for it, but this at least allows importing an entire agenda at once.


agenda.patch (7.14 KB) agenda.patch Bas Wijnen, 19/06/2011 14:52
agenda.patch (7.31 KB) agenda.patch Bas Wijnen, 05/07/2011 00:41
test.ics (719 Bytes) test.ics Yannick Warnier, 04/08/2011 08:10

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Revision b40ca543 (diff)
Added by Julio Montoya about 10 years ago

Adding patch to fix ics import to the Agenda tool see #3622



Updated by Yannick Warnier about 10 years ago

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Great. the patch seems good to me.
As per our coding conventions, we ask you to use 4 spaces instead of one tab to facilitate edition from terminal. See Coding conventions. Also (but I can see this is not your mistake but rather an older mistake that I will fix now), conditional "{" are opened on the same line and there must be a space after an "if" and before the following parenthesis.

Any chance you would be able to apply this patch to the development version of (apparently, a lot of code has moved from one section to anothe of the file and the patch does not apply seemlessly). Otherwise please ensure you get a few more lines of "context" when building the patch.



Updated by Bas Wijnen about 10 years ago

I'm happy to do that, but I can't find on the site how to import the repository to my computer. I'm probably misssing something. Please let me know how that can be done.


Updated by Julio Montoya about 10 years ago

You need to do a

hg clone chamilo

in order to download the latest code

check also this page:


Updated by Bas Wijnen about 10 years ago

Here's a patch against the current hg.

What it does:
- loop over all events in the ical file.
- replace $_POST['selectedform'] by $attendee, since _POST is not valid in this function.
- explode the list of targeted users and groups, so it's possible to target more than one.

What is still required:
- The targeted group must be referenced by number. This is not normal, since users don't ever see this number and will not know it.


Updated by Julio Montoya about 10 years ago

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Updated by Julio Montoya about 10 years ago

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Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 10 years ago

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Attaching an example multiple-events ics. I can confirm it works. Thanks Bas (and Julio for the integration)

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