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Trainings suddenly blank

Added by Nick Ormrod over 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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For no conceivable reason, my trainings have suddenly gone blank. Looking at the files, however, reveals that all the SCORM courses, etc are there. Nothing is being displayed, however.

It is my belief that for some reason, an amount of the database was deleted. My hourly backups show that the database had a massive loss of data at the time of the crash. I am not sure if this is Chamilo's fault or not.

Version is

Attached is a screenshot showing Admin view of the now-blank training.

Have there been any reports of this happening before? Or is it likely to be a problem on my side of things (VPS running linux) ?

I am going to do an SQL restore in a couple of hours. Hopefully this will get all my data back, as at this point I am in severe danger of effing up $40,000 worth of work.





Updated by Julio Montoya over 8 years ago

Don't know what to say here, it seems to be that the table is XXX.tool (XXX is the course code) is empty
there is any code in Chamilo that deletes those records.

Need feedback to try to understand what happened here, how those records were deleted? maybe the apache error logs?


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closing the task for lack of feedback, feel free to reopen if you can detail more deeply how to reproduce the bug

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