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Make courses catalog public

Added by Yannick Warnier about 10 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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A few api_block_anonymous() calls are preventing the courses catalog to be visible by unregistered users. The catalog, however, is what could attract people to register, in particular on, but this might represent some security threats as it is now.

For, I would like to see a public version of the catalog (not showing closed nor private courses). When clicking a "subscribe" button, the user would be sent to a registration/login page (we also need one of these pages with two different blocks: one for registration, another one for login).



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hottest courses maybe?


Updated by Marko Kastelic over 9 years ago

course catalog i believe (list of courses/categories). List of courses (with short description, ....) shown to the public without the need for login to the portal.
and by the way, page is broken when showing the course list is enabled (from portal settings). 'Template' was changed and course list block is not positioned inside central content section.


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Updating my requirements to make them clearer (and also moving to 1.10):

  1. Add a settings_current option to show /main/auth/courses.php publicly
  2. Update /main/auth/courses.php to alter the "Subscribe" button and make it link to the registration form with the special link to get to th course right after registration (/main/auth/inscription.php?c=[coursecode])
  3. Add paging to the catalog, so as to avoid showing 5000 courses and overloading the server. Paging should show about 50 courses per page. Random selection should only return a maximum of 50 courses.

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