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Student can use her/his language for course menu

Added by Carlos Vargas about 10 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Now students can use a localized version of the main platform, not a localized version of Training/Course homepage.
Perhaps a teacher can choose if it is useful to use only one language for training/course menu or also the student's language.

It is not so urgent feature, and it is useful sometime if [edited: Chamilo] is used as international project repository (I used it) or as international class exchange co-operation.



course-language.png (12.6 KB) course-language.png Yannick Warnier, 28/11/2016 01:14



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Hi Furio,

I'm moving this to As far as I am concerned, the idea with the course language is to imply immersion into the course's own language. If the content is in English, put the interface in English. If the content is in Spanish, put the interface in Spanish.
As the content will not get translated (although this could also be discussed with the new tools available), it is not very useful in my view to translate the interface.
I'm not rejecting it, only pushing it to a later date.


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Add a field to a course so that, in this course, only the student language matters. If no course language is provided, then use the course language.

In relation to language priorities, this comes before the language priorities evaluation, and then (if no language could be found) process normal language priorities.

Please add #ofj tag to corresponding commits


Updated by Yannick Warnier about 3 years ago

This feature now exists (as initially defined) in 1.11.2

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