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Added by Koen Favere about 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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When creating forums, wikis, blogs,glossaries,.. the participants stay owner of these objects.

When these collaborative tools are re-used the next year, in e.g. another course, these objects (e.g. forum topics)can be removed by the owner-student.
This would degenerates the collaborative tool and makes re-use impossible.

Suggestion: It might be useful to rework some collaboration objects the same way the personal messenger was reworked and store the data on database level.



Updated by Koen Favere about 11 years ago


the course administrator is owner of e.g. a forum
the participants are owner of e.g. a forum topic


Updated by Sven Vanpoucke about 11 years ago

In the current philosophy of chamilo 2 it is very logic that the creator of an object stays the owner of the object forever. It's true that this could result in the contents of for example forums that are not correct. However, even with our current lms it is possible to delete / edit a forum post when there have been some replies already....


Updated by Koen Favere about 11 years ago

Indeed I fully agree with the ownership of 'strong' content objects.
There should also be room for 'light' content objects.

Currently in the dokeos forum they can't even edit a forum topic, if the teacher doesn't allow them.
This is important if the forum is part of the evaluation. At least a copy should be provide to the teacher (cfr. assignment tool).

I think providing a light weight forum (and other collaborative apps) is an important issue.
Like the messenger this would lift the level of performance considerably.


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