Bug #3409

Shared with me not working on bones

Added by Michael Hosdez over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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The shared with me button is still working on the waldorf and local installation.



Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

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Dear author

The information you provided is not sufficient to locate and/or reproduce the problem.

Please be so kind to read the following article on how to report bugs.


Updated by Michael Hosdez over 10 years ago

This bug is only applicable on the installation, a blank screen appears when clicking the 'Shared with me' option in the repository.
Because we can't see the PHP error I cannot give you the exact error message.


Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

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I can confirm this is not an issue on the latest code (both development and stable lines). I suspect there is a join-clause missing in the database query that joins the actual data table with the table that is used for filtering/sorting => rendering a faulty query => returning null => continue with null instead of a resultset => error! (call to a member function fetch_row() on a non-object ... probably).

Since this is already fixed on both lines, I will ask my colleagues if they plan to update the repository module on the bones installation.


Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

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I have been told that it has been a while since you (perspectief) had an update of the source code on the bones installation. Anyway, since the problem does not occure on the latest code and you will have a clean installation (in august I think), this issue can be closed.

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