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Document tool edit by student

Added by Ludwig Theunis about 12 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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When you publish a document (created) in the document module of a course and you give students the right to change the object.

The student cannot edit the document. He only can edit the publication settings. He cannot change the content object it self...

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Updated by Sven Vanpoucke about 12 years ago

A document has an owner. Giving edit rights from the courses should not allow an end user to change the content object because the content object can be used in multiple places. We are working on a collaboration right to make this possible.

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Updated by Ludwig Theunis about 12 years ago

So the EDIT right you can set in the document is also not correct, it is an "edit publication".
The DELETE right does not what you would suspect (dropbox delete issue).
And then the ADD right is also not wath it suggest because, you do not have the right to ADD something, you only have the right to SHOW something in the document tool of the course. (or "Add publication").

So I would consider to remove all right settings in the document tool because it will be confusing, and this does not apply to the KIS concept....
And in that case you could return to the simple document structure where you do not have the difference between 'published for' and 'published by'.

I'me just wondering how this all affects the course management when you have several teachers who work to getter in one course. Or how it will be possible for a teacher ad interim, (who temporally takes over the 'job', and the courses of teacher who's sick) to manage a course ???

I'm a little bit concerned now.... :-(

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Updated by Sven Vanpoucke about 12 years ago

Edit right will become edit publication
Delete right will become delete publication
add right will be removed from publication since it's useless (it's only usefull in categories)
view right will be added in changes to publish for

All these rights can only be given to other people than yourself (which is logical because since you are the owner of the publication / object you have all the rights)

As far as the collaboration goes, we are working on an additional right that will be in the repository where you can collaborate with eachother on the same objects.

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Updated by Ludwig Theunis about 12 years ago

So what you are saying is that even a course administrator cannot EDIT anything in a course if he did not created it himself.
No document, no exercise or question, no forum, ... no content_object.
He only can change the publication details.....

Will it not be possible to set this 'collaboration right' from within a course, at least for the course admins???

Otherwise this will be something very hard to understand and/or use for most course administrators.

I know most people are saying one should work from within a repository and not from within a course.
But I do not agree on that. I see working from within a course as simplifying course management.
You can find all the object's related to the same course in one place, in their modules,
You should not have to select for whom the object is published because you all ready did this with assigning users to a course, The repository is important to reuse objects already existing. But you can easily browse these from within the course.

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Updated by Koen Favere over 11 years ago

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Using the collaborate right you can overcome this problem.


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