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Courses /Learning path prerequisites: unclear and incomplete

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The way learning path prerequisites have to be used is very unclear and incomplete; e.g. it seems not to be possible to set minimum marks to be reached for an exercise (assessment)



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Setting minimum marks is not part of the prerequisites.
Setting minimum marks is part of a learning path item (set mastery score) because it defines what the minimum score is before the learning path item is marked as "passed". When combining this feature with prerequisites it is possible to have learning paths where you can not continue until you have passed (score >= mastery score) an assessment.


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I don't think it's incomplete, but to to improve the usability of the learning path prerequisites we are putting a "simple form" (where you can just choose one item as a prerequisite, without all the ANDs and ORs and groups and selects, just with a simple radiobuttonlist) before the "advanced settings form" (which lets you do anything you want). in most cases users just select 1 item as a prerequisite for the next one.


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Basic and advanced forms are implemented for building a learning path
Existing prerequisites can be edited


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Basic and advanced forms are implemented for building learning path prerequisites.

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