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description field confusing

Added by Nathalie Blocry almost 12 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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in some content objects like document, handbook item, open question, profile, .. the DESCRIPTION field is a full html-editor which confuses users and has them typing the actual content in the description field (specially with document).

in some co's the description field is something more and a full html-editor is usefull, but in other cases the description field should be recognizable as such immediately by making it smaller and removing all or most of the CKEditor options on the toolbar (on our installation we just hide the toolbar completely)



Updated by Hans De Bisschop almost 12 years ago

As discussed somewhere in the semi-distant past, I think we simply need custom HTML Editor configurations per package thus enabling us to have different toolbars (or none at all for that matter) per e.g. content object type and even for whichever usecase deemed usefull in that package. One example would / could be the difference between the actual content field and the description field for the "document" object.


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