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Booking difficult to manage

Added by Carlos Vargas about 11 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Booking service is very difficult to understand: is it possible open a page of wiki for an explanation of features, workflow and roles?

If the admin create the Classroom category, why a teacher do need/can create classroom_number_1 and decide the time for reservation? is'nt a admin or manager work?
By the way it is very difficult to translate without a knowledge of workflow.

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Related to Chamilo LMS - Bug #7123: Remove main/reservation code.Feature implemented04/05/2014




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shows only one picture.

Some help documentation is needed. I don't understand it either but a reservation tool seems useful.
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We are still in the process of improving the tool. Any recommendation is useful. It will be the first release including this tool, so as we generally say, this is a test bed. It will be reliable but might benefit from usability improvements.
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Some examples of software and demo (booking of rooms)it's very OK and user manual (booking of scientific instruments)

In general all resources are created by admin, the booked time is showed in a calendar, we can use the calendar for booking in free days / hours
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I tested booking system in dev SVN (12/03/2009 - 16:00) but it's yet very difficult to use for me: I'm not able to activate any simple reservation.
The idea is good, but perhaps a look to MBRS can be useful.

Also integration with MBRS (like Drupal in can be possible, but is too late to do it.

Room reservation features are similar to resource reservation (same workflow), so - searching in the Internet - I found some more simple example ( or )
Admin and teacher environments are always differents.

This manual ( ) is too joomla-specific but talk about the required features.
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(Yannick:) MBRS really looks interesting and it would really be worth adopting it. However, we are very close to the stable and it would imply database changes that we cannot afford right now. We will try to cover the bad user interface by adding a few explanation texts and links until we get a stable 1.8.6 and time to review this integration with MBRS. Thanks for sharing the link.

Do not close this task (in order to keep the MBRS reference) but once it is made simpler, just move it to a goal for 1.8.7
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I guess we need external resources (funding) in order to finish that tool moving ...


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Following #7123, this tool should be removed in v10 because of its poor quality.


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Booking was removed in 1.10


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