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Too many activities for some "simple" tasks/not activity focused

Added by Laurent Opprecht almost 12 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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General user comment

  • too many clicks and page refresh for some activities
  • program isn't focused around activities. That is it is somewhat difficult to do something like adding content to a course. You have to switch back to the repo, create content, publish it. The modularity of the software forces the user to switch between tasks and forces some administrative activities - i.e. manage categories, move objects, avoid name collisions, publish objects, etc. For "little" objects - i.e forum posts, announcements, etc, this is a bit too much work with many of those "small" objects that can't really be shared or reused anyway. At least most of the time.

For example:

  • add intro
  • add announcement
  • answer forum topic
  • ...

takes too much work



Updated by Hans De Bisschop almost 12 years ago

So ... going to the announcement tool of a course, clicking publish, entering the announcement and confirming / publishing it is too much work? Somehow I get the feeling you're going about things in a different way. I presume this because of "You have to switch back to the repo, create content, publish it." which simply isn't true :)

That being said, some things really could / should be simplified.


Updated by Laurent Opprecht almost 12 years ago

Right enough. This is kind of a meta comment which tries to aggregate together many more specific comments. So announcement is possibly not the best example.
A lot of those have to do with Course/Weblcms actually.
For example if you want to create an object from WebLcm, the "publish" screen happens a lot and in most cases you simply confirm without changing anything. That being said there is a patch already for that.


Updated by Stefaan Vanbillemont almost 12 years ago

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