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Theme building hard to do !?

Added by Michael Jongkamp almost 11 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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It looks like building a new theme is very hard to do. There are dozens and dozens of locations where theme folders remains and it looks like you have to alter them all manually in order to create a fully functional new themeā€¦
Can this be done more easily?

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Related to Common - Feature #2973: Theme: add managment functionalities to create, update and delete themesBug resolved28/02/2011




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The current structure is a direct result of the way the project is structured and conceptualized. There is no simple or easy workaround for this. Even if they all were in the same folder it would be a lot of files to adapt and them not being in the same folder is easily remedied with a good IDE. Ideally, somewhere in the far away future we would / could have some kind of tool to generate basic themes based on a list of properties filled out by the user, but for now it's just a lot of work.


Updated by Laurent Opprecht almost 11 years ago

partial solution here: #2973. It doesn't solve the complete issue but that's a start.


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