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repository events not triggered: create, update, delete, ...

Added by Laurent Opprecht over 11 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Updated by Laurent Opprecht over 11 years ago

could trigger events from create, update, delete functions from ContentObject


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Dear author

The information you provided is not sufficient to locate and/or reproduce the problem.

Please be so kind to read the following article on how to report bugs.


Updated by Laurent Opprecht over 11 years ago

We have have stats about viewing content object, accessing pages, etc (those are created by raising events) but we don't have stats about other basic events. I.e. in CRUD we have the read but we miss

- create content object
- update content object
- delete content object

Those would be usefull to monitor the user. One solution would be to trigger those events from the data manager or the dataClass create/update/delete methods. We have a project to gather user information - CRUD event - to feed that to recommendation engine that is developped by the EPFL to get recommendations based on the user profile. That is if you are interested in computer science we can recommand ressources relates to the same subject.

That being said I would not add those events right now as they would generate quite a bit of information and we need to assess the impact. I would leave it for another


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