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CALENDAR EVENT: versioning loses publication

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On making and publishing a new version of a calendar event, the publication of the first version gets losts.
I'm afraid this might be a general problem of published objects with various versions.



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You are only able to view versions in the repository at the moment. When you click on an object you get an overview of the versions and you can revert or delete versions. So I think this is not a bug. Are you supposed to be able to manage versions within the courses application?


Updated by Anonymous almost 10 years ago

A new version should never undo the publication of an existing version, otherwise a user would not create a new version but simply change the existing object.
This is the main reason of the introduction of versions: to make it possible to work on new versions of an object without any effect in existing publications (also but not only in the courses application).
An example: it should be possible for version1 of an object published in course xyz2010 to coexist with version2 published in course xyz2011.

I have a question in return: what is the functionality/use of versions in the present implementation? What is the precise relationship with publications?


Updated by Anonymous almost 10 years ago

The use is that you can save several versions of a publication and you can easily revert to an earlier version, this is done via the repository. So the difference with simply editing a publication is that the previous publication version is saved.
The functionality you describe (having several indepedent publications of a same object) is achieved by Publish -> Browse -> select object(s). This way you can create as many publications as you want of an object, in different courses.


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If I understand well: a new version of an object saves the previous version, but not the publication?
As far as usability is concerned this is simply unacceptable.


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This feature now works as expected. Old versions remain published.

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