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Review SCORM lesson_status setting behaviour

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Curt Ricardo Rodriguez Salazar
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Review the following section in the SCORM 1.2 RTE (page 26) and make sure it is applied correctly:

Initialization: If it is the student's first attempt at the SCO the lesson_status is set to not attempted. The LMS is responsible for setting the initial value to "not attempted".

Additional Behavior Requirements:

If a SCO sets the cmi.core.lesson_status then there is no problem. However, the SCORM does not force the SCO to set the cmi.core.lesson_status. There is some additional requirements that must be adhered to successfully handle these cases:

Upon initial launch the LMS should set the cmi.core.lesson_status to “not attempted”.

Upon receiving the LMSFinish() call or the user navigates away, the LMS should set the cmi.core.lesson_status for the SCO to “completed”.

After setting the cmi.core.lesson_status to “completed”, the LMS should now check to see if a Mastery Score has been specified in the cmi.student_data.mastery_score, if supported, or the manifest that the SCO is a member of.

If a Mastery Score is provided and the SCO did set the cmi.core.score.raw, the LMS shall compare the cmi.core.score.raw to the Mastery Score and set the cmi.core.lesson_status to either “passed” or “failed”.

If no Mastery Score is provided, the LMS will leave the cmi.core.lesson_status as “completed”



Updated by Carlos Vargas over 10 years ago

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This is not a priority for 1.8.6, but it would be nice to have it.
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Although this is re-scheduled for 1.8.7, it is possible that this has already been done just before 1.8.6. Isaac, what's the status of this one?


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Ricardo, verify please if this behaviour is Ok now( lesson status "completed"), please send your comments


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