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Develop PECL extension with ASCIIMathML

Added by Carlos Vargas about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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See Task FS#2026 comments for more details.

This will allow a direct formula-to-image conversion.

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Related to Chamilo LMS - Feature #541: Formula renderingFeature implemented19/01/2010




Updated by Carlos Vargas about 10 years ago

Actualizado por Isaac Flores hace alrededor de 1 año


CONPAR : $10
*Esta tarea es parte del concurso de parches de dokeos latinoamerica *

Después de realizar la tarea, los archivos necesarios para lograr esta, deben ser adjuntados en la tarea para ser evaluados
*Si se encuentra alguna señal de plagio en un desarrollador,este será excluido del concurso *
Actualizado por Yannick Warnier hace 3 meses

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Updated by Juan Carlos Raña Trabado about 10 years ago

Buena parte de este trabajo ya lo hizo Iván


Updated by Yannick Warnier about 10 years ago

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This work has been made useless by recent work by Ivan Tcholakov on the integration of ASCIIMathML


Updated by Furio Petrossi about 10 years ago

Yannick Warnier wrote:

This work has been made useless by recent work by Ivan Tcholakov on the integration of ASCIIMathML

I remember to Mr. Tcholakov recent works of Mauno Korpelainen about ASCIIMathML and Moodle
in case of browser (like IE) that don't visualize directly MathML standard: in case of
fallback a link to other sites is provided.

Look at [[]]

("2) There are many versions of fallback files available and most of them have needed
settings at the beginning of file itself - you can edit ASCIIMathML.js with some text
editor. If you want to try a file that has some working fallback already functional
try to download for example
(that is using Mathtex fallback) or
(that is using Google Chart API tex fallback) and rename the downloaded file to your ASCIIMathML.js ")

and [[]]


Updated by Ivan Tcholakov about 10 years ago

I looked at the work of Mauno Korpelainen. I liked it. However a rework for our editor's plugin is needed. I will try to find time for upgrading the plugin, maybe after the beta release.

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