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weight in assessment questions

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"Weight is a property of the relationship between a question and an assessment, not a property of the question itself, so when creating a new question the field will never be there. Making this possible (if at all possible) is a separate feature request."

Question is whether from a user's point of view (this is the relevant point of view) this is a logical choice.
The fact that weight cannot be edited on creation cannot really be justified by this reasoning either, as any question after creation has a standard weight of 1. So the weight is there (hidden), but the user needs an edit for each question to change it.
The two views (user & programming logic) can partly be reconciled by offering an extra column in the assessment builder where the weight is shown and can be edited. On top of that list the total of all weights/scores should also be shown, as a teacher will like to build assessments that have a score in round numbers.
From a usability point of view, I still think the weight should also be present on the creation page, as it is there that you have an overview of all question elements. Without those, it is not possible to give a sensible weight, with the exception of some simple question types such as a simple multiple choice, open question...

BTW, at one stage the weight was on the creation page.

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Has duplicate Courses - Feature #1499: adding weight to a questionFeature implemented15/06/2010

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Updated by Sven Vanpoucke almost 13 years ago

At first this was on the creation page. But since we are working with the repoviewer, it was just as with the publication details spread on 2 different pages (one for the select / creation of the object and one for the additional information (weight). But due to usability issues we decided long ago that 2 pages is in many cases just to much and therefor we should make a default weight with edit possibilities afterwards.

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