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New install, publish document...

Added by Ludwig Theunis over 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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To notice this very strange bug you'll have to follow my guidelines very closely. This is because this bug happens only after a new installation when you start using the platform. After some playing around the bug is disappeared.
This is what you have to do to see the error message.
After the installation: login with admin, go directly to education>courses.
You'll get to see the courses that are added with the installation.
You select a course: for example International Week 2011
In the course you go directly to the Document tool.
In the document tool you click Publish in the actionbar. Et voila a fatal error message occurs:
'*Fatal error: Call to undefined method WeblcmsManagerCourseViewerComponent::set_right() in /home/.../application/lib/weblcms/tool/document/component/publisher.class.php on line 16*'

The strange thing now is when you press the 'Refresh browser' (F5) about 5 times, the error disappears....

Same thing: when you do some other stuff on the platform after a new installation before hitting the publish button in the document tool, you will never see this error....

So I was very (un)lucky to see this one..... ;-)

I'm going to try to find out why this is happening, I think it has something to do with tracking...



Updated by Ludwig Theunis over 12 years ago

Owkay found it.... ;-)

So it has something to do with a tracker. I watched the tracker table and found that tracking_visit_tracker has a new record for every click, or refresh.

When there are more then 10 records in this table the bug disappears, id=11.

When I delete the rows in this table, and I set the auto increment back to 1. The bug re-appears...

So for some reason the id of the tracking_visit_tracker has to be bigger then 10 to publish a document in the document module of the course....


Updated by Sven Vanpoucke over 12 years ago

We have found this bug yesterday as well. The function set_right does not exist anymore and should be deleted from that file. Good find though!


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