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doubles on uploading & import

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There are still problems of doubles when uploading or importing items, existing documents e.g. are added a second, third, etc. time (both in the repository and to & from the course document tool)



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Currently not possible due to performance issues that this will create during import / creation


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For the end user this is a major hindrance, a solution should be found.
It is still possible to unwillingly create doubles in courses when publishing from the repository (the fact that the select button is already marked when the item is already published is not the best possible visible sign: it requires the user to deselect all items concerned -- another way of marking those items should be used)or even when browsing from a course.
I do not see a major reason for unsurmountable performance problems on import, anyhow (cpo)import is something that will rarely happen and thus performance plays a minor role.
When uploading a user should have the options that exist now (for documents): overwrite, do nothing, create a new version.


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Problem will be solved by implementing feature :


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