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*setting group rights has no effect on rights of the members of that group
*setting rights on e.g. 5 objects in my repo has no effect at all on each separate object
*setting rights on one particular object (S V U) does not seem to have an effect either: the selected user does not see the object in his repo's shared objects

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Has duplicate Rights - Bug #2070: rights & sharingFeature implemented27/09/2010




Updated by Sven Vanpoucke almost 10 years ago

This is a problem with the way how shared objects are retrieved. Due to performance reasons we can now only retrieve the locations on which a user has direct right (not through parents, not through groups) because otherwise we would need to retrieve each content object and check for rights. I don't know a direct solution for this and hope somebody could help me for this


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Changed the entire rights system in the repository to improve the performance and fix these bugs


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De object's are shared through a group are now visible for the groupmembers.
That is the objects are in the map shared with me in the repository.

But like issue #2070 clicking the visible objects icon as students result in a jump to the students repository root.
Like in #2070 it is not possible to really view the object. The name's of the visible, shared objects are also not a link. Only the documents icon is click-able.


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