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Add "Profile link" extra user field type

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Make a new type of extra user field available, "Profile link", which allows any user to put an URL and this URL to be marked directly as a clickable URL. The URL itself could be followed or preceeded by a short "type" value (or maybe we should detect the URL automatically). The idea is to show the favicon of the site as a kind of icon in front of the link (for example: facebook, linkedin, etc).

Julio, if you feel you can do it in the next hours, or so, I think it would represent great value for If not, just leave it for 1.8.8.

To be clear:

  • the admin adds a field "My Facebook" of type "Profile link" inside the extra user fields, viewable and editable by users
  • instead of "default value", this field type takes a base URL (for example )
  • from there, the user can edit his "Facebook" field in his profile page and put his facebook ID (703054738 for example)
  • when another user comes and sees the field, it shows a link called "My Facebook", which has under it (<a href="http://...">My Facebook</a>)
  • in front of that link, you put an icon <img src="" />. You can get the basis URL with:

$icon_link = '';
$pieces = parse_url($link);
if ($pieces !== false) {
$icon_link = '<img src="'.$pieces['scheme'].'://'.$pieces['host'].'/favicon.ico" />';

That's it. The only real work is to modify the profile page a bit (in viewing mode) so that it forms the href and all that.
That would make social network integration quite easy for us...



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