Bug #1752

Broken text (french) in image zone question

Added by Olivier CORRE over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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The text in french at the end of a image zone question is broken. See attached file.

Chamilo 1.8.7. French default language. UTF-8 enabled.


Capture_d’écran_2010-07-23_à_01.22.45.png (114 KB) Capture_d’écran_2010-07-23_à_01.22.45.png Olivier CORRE, 22/07/2010 19:25
french_language_test.png (69.5 KB) french_language_test.png Ivan Tcholakov, 29/07/2010 02:15
bulgarian_language_test.png (79 KB) bulgarian_language_test.png Ivan Tcholakov, 29/07/2010 02:15

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Updated by Ivan Tcholakov over 9 years ago

I can not edit .fla files. Anyway, by using a text editor I noticed that inside hotspot_admin.fla there are two places with the following code:


I suspect that this kind of code causes the problem, see


Updated by Ivan Tcholakov over 9 years ago

This is what is to be done:

1. The files hotspot_admin.fla, hotspot_solution.fla and hotspot_user.fla have to be edited, all the lines inside


should be commented, they disable UTF-8 functionality. Then these fla files are to be compiled for producing the correspondent swf files.

2. The file .../chamilo/main/exercice/ has to be slightly modified. This file passes the translated strings to the swf objects. This file should guarantee always to pass UTF-8 encoded translations, even when the Chamilo platform is set to be non-UTF-8 (through the setting "Platform character set").

A temporary workaround is possible without recompiling the flash files. For the current interface language we can retrieve the most probably used non-UTF-8 encoding. Then in the passed language variables should be recoded from the system encoding to the guessed non-UTF-8 encoding. This approach however would not work correctly on any language or client machines. It works with Bulgarian language on my machine, but I doubt that it would work with Chinese, Japanese, ... It is preferable we to enable UTF-8.

Has anyone knowledge about compiling .fla files easy?


Updated by Olivier CORRE over 9 years ago

i think the swf is already being worked on to remove the Dokeos reference.

both issues should be combined.


Updated by Ivan Tcholakov over 9 years ago

Oh, thank you.


Updated by Yannick Warnier over 9 years ago

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Updated by Ivan Tcholakov over 9 years ago

I have to make a change in


Updated by Ivan Tcholakov over 9 years ago

12300:31bc7fc68c28 Task #1752 - Updating the file which purpose is to retrieve language translations and to pass them to swf objects.

I also think that the task has been completed.

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