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automatic uppercase(ing) the first characters

Added by Marko Kastelic over 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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in some cases, where a combination of the words like : created today, created yesterday, .. are used, i got a gramatical bug with translation becouse of the method date_to_str_ago from internationalization.lib.php that capitalizes the words (or translations) that are send to it.
If you, for example, look at the message thread from social network, you will notice something like Created Yesterday or Created Today. I'm not English native, so will not discuss about correctness of this phrase.
Acceptable cases for my language are : created today, Created today, Created: yesterday, Created: Friday,12. .... today & yesterday cannot be uppercased except at the beggining of the clause/sentence or are personal names or are geographical names, but this is not likely for my (many of them) language. ANd there is no case where is used capitalization to emphasise something really important..
instead of the auto-uppercasing i will rather see two variables; one capitalized and one that is not; so i can adapt translation to fit language legitimacy.



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Updated by Ivan Tcholakov about 9 years ago

Examples for correct casing in Bulgarian language:
Created today
Created: yesterday
Created: friday, 12 january 2010 (all lowercase)


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Juan has removed this undesired uppercasing, there is no problem in the function date_to_str_ago().
12461:523502089ebd herodoto 2010-09-08 23:19 more fix socialnetwork styles and update lang

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