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It is not possible to add users from a subscribed group in a course to a course group within the course.
You only can add users to a course_group which are subcribed to the course it self.

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Fix redirect + format code see #1657



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Updated by Sven Vanpoucke over 10 years ago

The main problem with the current situation is that a group can be subscribed to a course as one entity. Meaning that the users within the group are currently not handled as seperate entities. Maybe we can extend the userlists within a course with users from the subscriptions of the users from a course, and the users from every group that is subscribed to the course (what to do with subgroups then?)


Updated by Nathalie Blocry over 10 years ago

I think it is essential that users that are subscribed through a group are handled exactly the same as users that are subscribed individually to a course (and yes this means you should see/be able to use users from sub-groups too because they are subscribed to the course).
Otherwise I think the possibility to subscribe groups to courses has not much value.


Updated by Ludwig Theunis over 10 years ago

I agree with Nathalie, and this is really necessary because in our case the student are %99 of the time added to a course through groups.

When updating a group, the students automatically are reassigned to the correct courses. :-)

Not a simple task, but a 'must have' because this is all ready running in 1.8.5.


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Fixed this in

Now every user can be used as a single entity even if they are subscribed through the platform groups. Users from subgroups are taken into account as well. Currently the subgroups for the platform groups are NOT shown in the publish for window. Another small bug is that a user can't use these courses in his personal user course categories due to the fact that the user course category is saved in the user subscription table.


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