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Subscribing group to a course

Added by Ludwig Theunis about 11 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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Subscribing a group to a course does not function as one would expect:

When you click the SubscribeGroup button to add the group to a course the group is visible in the userslist. But the users do not get access to the course....
When you click the SubscribeUsersFromGroup button the users are added. This seems to be correct.
With selection of the group and choosing 'subscribe selected' the user are also added, the group is not added. One would expect that in this case the group is added and not UsersFromGroup.

When a group is subscribed it is also not possible to unsubscribe the group.



Updated by Sven Vanpoucke almost 11 years ago

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Most subscribtions bugs are already fixed with previous fixes. I'll check if the users from the group get access to the course now.


Updated by Ludwig Theunis almost 11 years ago

I've tested the subscription of a group to the course again.

It now is possible to subscribe and unsubscribe the group to a course.

The only thing left now is that the users of the subscribed group still has no access to the course.


Updated by Hans De Bisschop almost 11 years ago

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Users who are a member of the subscribed group or a member of one of the subscribed group's "child"-groups should now have access to their courses. Could you please retest this?

The only item left to be cleared out is how the groups hierachy should be interpreted for course access: upwards, downwards or both?

E.g. Take this group structure:
- Erasmus University College
-- Industrial Sciences and Technology
--- Bachelor in Computer Sciences
--- Master in Industrial Sciences
-- Applied Linguistics
--- Bachelor in Applied Linguistics

Suppose a user is a member of "Industrial Sciences and Technology" and we subscribe "Erasmus University College" to a course. Does that also include al users from all child-groups? (including "Industrial Sciences and Technology")

The other way round, the user is still a member of "Industrial Sciences and Technology" but this time we subscribe "Bachelor in Computer Sciences" to the course. Now do we also have to give that user access to the course?

Both points of view could be considered valid ...

In the end this has little to do with the group subscription feature, but this is one of those cases where it does become rather obvious. The real issue is what to return when we ask a User-object to return the groups that user is a member of.


Updated by Ludwig Theunis almost 11 years ago

I've tested it and the user/student now has access... nice.... :-)

I think the most logical would be that only the members of the subscribed groups and its child need access to a course.

In the example where a user is member of "Industrial Sciences and Technology" and a child group "Bachelor in Computer Sciences" is subscribed to the course It is not valid to assume that the user has access to the course.

If you interpret groups hierarchy both ways, this would mean: not matter witch group you subscribe all users, member of a child group or a parent group have access. In the example this would mean that always all users of Erasmus Unversity college and its child groups would be subscribed no matter which group is subscribed.


Updated by Hans De Bisschop almost 11 years ago

Glad you see it that way, saves a lot of trouble :p ;-)


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