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Inactive users in reporting

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I have a test site with 8 users, 3 of which are learners who are all assigned to the same Human Resources Manager.
The learners have all completed one or more trainings.

If one logs in as a Human Resources Manager, the Reporting tab shows that there are 3 learner(s), and that they are inactive.
What does "inactive" mean here? Shouldn't it be ACTIVE users. The status does not change if one student is logged in.




Updated by Yannick Warnier over 9 years ago

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Apparently "Inactive users" mean users inactive since more than a week, based on the last connexion date.
The code is located at line 262 of main/mySpace/index.php.
Granted, it should be more explicit (like "Users inactive for a week").

With this explanation, do you maintain that somehow the calculation is wrong?


Updated by Yannick Warnier about 9 years ago

  • Target version changed from to 1.8.8 stable

Updated the label to "Users inactive for a week or more", but you might have to translate it to your language to get it into in something else than French, English or Spanish.

Setting to 1.8.8 for the check on the actual veracity of the data


Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 9 years ago

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The task is now to check the use case and see if real data is reported.


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Updated by Julio Montoya over 8 years ago

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Seems to be good for me: I have the "Users not connected for a week or more "


Updated by Yannick Warnier about 8 years ago

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OK, closing because unable to reproduce (might have been fixed through something else)

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