Bug #1413

Left and right arrows in a LP student view does not work if there are 2 or more sections

Added by Julio Montoya about 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

Bug resolved
Curt Ricardo Rodriguez Salazar
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1. Create a LP.
2. Create 2 sections
3. Add a different image for each section.
4. Go to the LP as an student and click in the right arrow. Nothing happens!



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For some reason, the construction of the table of contents makes it so that the first element has the wrong javascript embedded (switch_item(4,2) instead of switch_item(2,4)).

The code for this is located in learnpath.class.php around lines 2670 (get_html_toc() method).


Updated by Yannick Warnier about 11 years ago

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For elements:
  • id:9 (section)
  • id:11 (image)
  • id:10 (section)
  • id:12 (image)
On first load:
  • left button says switch_item(11,'previous');
  • right button says switch_item(11,'next');
  • first image (current) says switch_item(11,11);
  • second image (next) says switch_item(11,12);

However, when moving to next with right button, the script goes to the switch_item() function and, when checking for olms.lms_next_item (line 1351 of scorm_api.php generated in firebug), it finds it is worth "11", which is obviously not the case (should be 12).

Apparently this would be related to function get_next_item_id() (~line 1686)


Updated by Curt Ricardo Rodriguez Salazar about 11 years ago

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Fixed the bug, was added 2 new conditions in case $index == $this->max_ordered_items and this condition have a condition of ordered_items by type


Updated by Yannick Warnier about 11 years ago

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