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Some remarks as to usability:

*The standard interface where the user first has to select from a few letters of the alphabet does only make sense when there is a sizeable number of portfolio's available. If there are only a limited number of portfolios available, this is simply a nuisance; anyhow in many cases access to portfolios will be restricted (permissions)so access should be as flexible & straightforward as possible

*Permissions should be set when first publishing (from the repository as well as from the application)! If not portfolios will be shown before the owner can even set permissions.

*The current data shown for a portfolio (owner) can be more relevant
Now: Official code [=Portfolio=Lastname=] ↓ [=Portfolio=Firstname=]
Better: Lastname, First name, Portfolio title (if only 1 or 2) - otherwise number of portfolios, Off.code

*Portfolio constituents (such as documents, pp, pdf, etc...) should be shown within the portfolio frame

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1) was changed so that the first page always shows the first portfolios (alphabetically). If there are more portfolios in the system the alphabet-tree can be used but you can also search on user name.

2) permissions for portfolio's are set on publishing in the portfolio application. Portfolios published from the repository will use the system settings by default and portfolio-items will us the settings of the parent portfolio by default. (settings can be changed at any time)

3) we will do some usability tests to see what the best option is here

4) this is not a portfolio "problem" but a problem with the "document" content object

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