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Added by Anonymous over 13 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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Portal Home as it is now is of little or no use:
  • if the portal home consists of an image: nothing is shown (not illogical as it refers to the repository of the admin)
  • the menu of the ck-editor is too limited: not possible to switch to html
  • the setting [=Admin=AllowPortalFunctionality=]OnOff has no effect whatsoever: one would expect that Off means that 'portal home' is not shown on the login page

This used to be better before!

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Updated by Hans De Bisschop over 13 years ago

Nothing much has changed though.

"Allow portal functionality" has nothing to do with the portal home and everything (for now) with the extra tabs which are visible on the platform. If switched to "off" and when NOT an admin the suer will not see the home, my account and repository tabs. In combination with the "application / page after login" setting this could be used to mask a lot of unwanted clutter on a platform which is just being used for 1 specific application.

Switching to HTML in CKEditor should be avoided as much as possible and we should very carefully consider where to allow it, since it has the potential to ruin a LOT of things if not used wisely.

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Updated by Anonymous over 13 years ago

well, one might suppose that the admin knows what he is doing :-)

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Updated by Hans De Bisschop over 13 years ago

Which is of course always a dangerous assumption ;-)
But it shouldn't be much of a problem. HTML Editors around the system should be carefully catelogued and we should determine which options are necessary and where they are necessary so the appropriate toolbars can be added and / or used.

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Updated by Stefaan Vanbillemont over 13 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Feature implemented

I'm closing this issue because there is already an issue dealing with embedded code and more functionality in the CKEditor.

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Updated by Hans De Bisschop over 12 years ago

  • Project changed from Chamilo LCMS Connect to Admin
  • Category deleted (5)
  • Target version deleted (2)
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Updated by Hans De Bisschop over 12 years ago

  • Target version set to 1.0.0

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