Bug #1047

Empty course creation needs fixing about "Documents" tool

Added by Ivan Tcholakov about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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Set the platform administrator's setting "Portal" > "Example material on training creation" to "No". All below considers this case.

Create a course, it will be empty as a result. But we need to clarify what "empty course" is, while looking at the "Documents" tool.

There are some kind of "system" folders which some other tools assume that these folders exist. For example, the online editor might look at images/gallery/ when a new image is inserted.

All those "system" folders should be created in a new empty course, only they should be empty. And in the past, we made sure that the "system" folders can not be deleted. :-)

I think, we have to check when a course is emptied through the "Backup" tool, whether "system" folder are preserved or not. But let this check be done under other task.

Currently, only the folder "certificates" is visible in the "Documents" tool. The other "system" folders are created in the file system, but the correspondent database records are missing.



Updated by Ivan Tcholakov about 10 years ago

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Here is a solution proposal, it seems to me to be easy:

File: main/inc/lib/, lines 2244, 2245:


Move these lines after the line 2331 (before the section "Agenda tool").


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I think, the solution is good, so I am going to apply it ASAP.


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11565:ef61548b6d82 Bug #1047 - A Correction: Now all the "system" folders (empty) are created in the "Documents" tool when an empty course is created.

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