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Images lost with SCORM export

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When I do a SCORM export and after that a re-import in another learnpath, all the images are lost.

The export file contains the images, but after the re-import, the url of the images is not filled in.
Also I found out that in learnpath.class.php the source tag is not filled in.

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Hi Erik,

There is a tricky logic to find the image tags and convert them inside the newscorm/learnpathItem.class.php script. If you want to have a look there and provide a patch, we can probably include it into 1.8.7. Otherwise (and in the meantime) I'm pushing this one as a feature for I agree this is important (mostly for private companies wanting to re-use their resources in other LMSes), but it is also very tricky to fix and we don't have priority for this one in the short term.


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Hi Erik,
I can already confirm the bug you reported. While the images are still loaded (if you're on the same portal), they are in fact making requests to the images in the other courses (for both HTML documents and exercises). Christian Fasanando worked on this the most recently, so I'm assigning this to him until we clear this out. It is very likely that this will not be fixed before 1.8.8 (if you require this more urgently please contact one of Chamilo's official providers).


Updated by Yannick Warnier about 12 years ago

I'm attaching an example file.
The images are effectively copied into the SCORM package. Apparently the HTML pages are correctly linked with all content so they load it from what comes from the zip package.

For some reason an HTML page doesn't load although it is physically present there.

There is also a bug in the exporting of the exercises, that keeps the route of the old course (in the case of the attached zip, a route to the "BCD" course), so when loading an exercise, you get images from the BCD course loaded after images from the CDE course, which make you invisibly jump to the BCD course, which is quite critical. We'll try to get that fixed before tomorrow.


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You can use the SCORM attached in #875 to test it


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Con el SCORM realice la importación en lecciones; se exporto y nuevamente se importo en otras lecciones; comprobándose que funciona correctamente.

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